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Pollen's Mobile Network Infrastructure

Legacy wireless carriers operate centralized networks that track and aggregate highly personal usage data, including location history, call / SMS history, websites visited, etc. As the world’s first decentralized, privacy-first mobile network, Pollen’s infrastructure is designed to make such personal data collection impossible.


Mobile network infrastructure consists of three high level elements: User Equipment, the Radio Access Network, and a Mobile Core Network.
  • User Equipment (“UE”): Devices used by End Users (e.g., mobile phones) to connect to the RAN in order to send / receive data and voice communications.
  • Radio Access Network (“RAN”): The network of radio base stations that connect UEs to the Mobile Core network, voice services, the open internet, etc. Radio base stations generally require a high speed backhaul connection to route data from the base station to the operator’s network / Mobile Core / internet.
  • Mobile Core: The Mobile Core is the heart of a wireless network and consists of a complex set of services that include the handling of user data metering, user validation and authentication, radio management, and voice and data services.