๐Ÿ‘‹Intro to Pollen Mobile

Pollen was launched in February 2022 with the mission of building a decentralized mobile network dedicated to privacy, anonymity, and freedom.

To achieve these goals and enable our community to build the worldโ€™s first user owned and operated mobile network, Pollen was built on the foundations of blockchain, other open-source technologies, and the aspirations of a decentralized governance model.

The networkโ€™s success since launch exceeded all expectations in terms of build-out, the speed of innovation, and community engagement.

As the network approaches its first birthday, Pollen Opco is excited to be announcing the launch of the next phase of our growth - Paid Data.

To prepare for this new phase and reflect what weโ€™ve learned over the past year from our non-stop experimentation with proof of coverage incentives, mobile hardware and software, CBRS generally, telecom commercial models, blockchain technology, etc., this white paper has been updated to reflect our updated roadmap, including the following highlights:

  • New models for monetizing the network

  • Introduction of USD data payments

  • Upgraded infrastructure capabilities (e.g., cloud-based Greenhouse Mobile Core, migration off Magma, support for voice roaming)

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