Pollen Mobile Docs

Pollen Core Values

Freedom: Our most important Core Value. The right to freedom of expression has long been a core value in many parts of the Western world — enshrined in the US Constitution as the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. The advent of the internet initially promised to extend that right to all of humanity. Instead of delivering on that promise, the centralization of the world’s digital communications systems and networks has in too many instances handed the tools of exploitation, oppression, and manipulation to increasingly powerful states and non-state actors.
Pollen was created to help deliver on that initial promise of the internet.
Anonymity: Individuals have the right to access the internet on an anonymous basis.
Privacy: Individuals have the right to privacy when accessing the internet.
Decentralization: No single corporation, government, or individual should control the world’s communication networks.
Transparency: To ensure the integrity of the Pollen network, users’ trust, and fulfillment of the first four Pollen Core Values, the network must be as open and transparent as possible.