Pollen Mobile Docs

Key Pollen Network Actors

The Pollen Mobile network consists of the following key actors:
Pollen Operating Company (“Opco”): The initial organization (Pollen Mobile LLC) that will guide development of and manage the network until other service providers are engaged and control over the network is fully turned over to the Pollen community via the eDAO. Pollen Opco will serve as the initial Mobile Core Administrator.
Pollen Foundation (“Foundation”): The Foundation is contemplated to be a non-profit legal entity which will own all Foundation Banks. The Foundation will be formed in conjunction with the establishment of the eDAO in consultation with the Pollen community during Phase II of the network’s deployment. Ownership of the Foundation will be transferred to the Pollen eDAO in Phase III.
Pollen Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“eDAO”): The Pollen eDAO will be established to take over management responsibilities and ownership of the network and Foundation from Pollen Opco in Phase III of the network’s development. The eDAO is also intended to take over the Mobile Core Administrator role from Pollen Opco, or the community may elect to engage other third parties to fulfill the Mobile Core Administrator’s roles. The eDAO will be owned and governed by PCN holders.
Unlike most precedent DAOs, we envision the Pollen eDAO being structured with enhanced governance features to address some of the shortcomings of current DAOs. For example, the full Pollen community may vote on certain key major decisions, including appointing a governing board, who will in turn appoint a community “management team” responsible for day-to-day decision making and operations.
Mobile Core Administrator(s): The Mobile Core is the collection of services that serve as the “operating system” of a mobile network. The Mobile Core facilitates activities such as authenticating authorized devices / users on the network, tracking user data consumption, and routing data through the network. Pollen utilizes the open source Magma Core software platform, which is initially managed by Pollen Opco (the initial Mobile Core Administrator).
The Mobile Core Administrator is also responsible for managing the Spectrum Access Service (“SAS”) necessary to comply with the FCC’s CBRS rules, as well as processing the per-Flower monthly payments charged by SAS providers.
The Administrator role may also be fulfilled by different / multiple service providers.
We segment the Mobile Core Administrator’s responsibilities into three distinct categories:
  • Network Infrastructure Management: Includes maintaining the Mobile Core software infrastructure, PCN payments processing (centralized in Phase I of Pollen’s deployment and moving to blockchain smart contracts in Phase II), managing the Internet Egress Privacy Service, managing / processing payments to the SAS, and providing initial customer / technical support to community members.
  • Identity Management: Pollen Subscriber Identity Modules (physical cards inserted into mobile devices, also known as “SIMs”) and Embedded SIMs (also known as “eSIMs”; both can be generically referred to as a “SIM”) are created and issued by a commercial provider of SIMs. SIMs contain an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (“IMSI”) number, which is used to uniquely identify / authenticate user equipment (“UE”) in order to provide network access and track data consumption for billing purposes. The SIM also enables encrypted communications within the network. The Mobile Core Orchestrator will maintain the IMSI mapping to an associated NFT, and the blockchain will be used to map the NFT to the Solana wallet of the UE’s owner for purposes of routing PCN transfers while maintaining wallet owners’ anonymity. To further support anonymity and prevent IMSIs from being tied to a user’s identity, a development priority will be enabling the network to roll IMSIs on a periodic, random basis, such that even if a hostile actor manages to associate an IMSI to a UE, it will be temporary. Additionally, we envision the ability for users to be able to request a new IMSI on demand.
Data Credits Management: The Mobile Core will track all Data Credit purchases, balances, and consumption for Hummingbirds and Bumblebees via its billing functionality.