Pollen Mobile Docs

Network Deployment Phases

The Pollen Mobile network will be deployed in three distinct phases.

Phase I: Network Launch and Centralized Mobile Core Administration

The focus of Phase I will be developing a high quality, dense network of Flowers:
  • Flower and Bumblebee Sales: Pollen Opco will make Flowers and Bumblebees available for sale via the Pollen website (www.pollenmobile.io). Flower and Bumblebee owners will begin earning PCN rewards for providing and verifying network coverage, respectively.
  • SIM Sales: Pollen Opco will make eSIMs available for purchase via the Pollen website (www.pollenmobile.io). Purchasers of eSIMs will receive an email that includes a QR code that will facilitate the activation of the Pollen eSIM on their mobile device.
    In future Phases we plan to implement a more robust process for maintaining anonymity in purchasing and receiving eSIMs.
  • eSIM Activation: Once an eSIM is imported into a CBRS-capable mobile device and it becomes a Hummingbird or Honeybee, the owner will be able to begin utilizing the Pollen network and earning PCN rewards. Hummingbirds and Honeybees will receive unlimited data usage at no charge beyond the cost of the eSIM during this phase.
  • Centralized Mobile Core Administrator Functions: Pollen Opco will fulfill the Mobile Core Administrator functions in a largely centralized manner. In the interest of transparency, aggregated log data and payments calculations will be publicly posted for the community to audit.

Phase II: Data Payments Go Live and Decentralized Mobile Core Administration

Phase II is when the Data Credit system will go live (i.e., End Users and Validators will begin paying for data usage and Flower owners will begin receiving payments for data haulage) and Mobile Core Administrator functions are migrated to the blockchain on smart contracts.
  • Data Credit Sales: End Users and Validators will begin purchasing and utilizing Data Credits (with PCN) to transfer data on the network.
  • Data Payments: Flowers will begin receiving PCN payments for data hauled.
  • Network Maintenance Payments: The Network Maintenance Bank will begin receiving PCN as part of every Data Credit purchase. Network Maintenance payments will begin.
  • Decentralized Mobile Core Administrator Functions: Mobile Core Administrator functions will be migrated to the blockchain using smart contracts, e.g., PCN payments to Flowers are automatically calculated and distributed to Flower owner wallers.
  • Fully Anonymized eSIM Sales: eSIM sales and delivery will be fully anonymized, i.e., no longer delivered via email.
  • Establish eDAO: In consultation with the Pollen community, Pollen Opco will form the Foundation and establish the eDAO architecture in preparation for turning full network ownership and governance over to the eDAO.
  • Roaming: In order to further the utility of the network as it is being deployed globally, a development priority will be to establish the ability for End Users to roam on other mobile networks.
  • Publish Open Source Protocols: Network infrastructure, software, and hardware open source protocols will be published.

Phase III: eDAO Ownership and Governance

Phase III will begin once Phase II is complete and the eDAO has been established. At that point, ownership of the Foundation and management of the network will be turned over to the community via the eDAO.