Pollen Mobile Docs

Pollen's Crypto Economy

Initially all payments calculations will be centrally computed by Pollen Opco. Pollen Opco will also initiate all payments. In the interest of transparency, aggregated log data and payments calculations will be publicly posted for the community to audit. All payments will be migrated to smart contracts on the blockchain in Phase II.

Initial PollenCoin Allocations

The permanently fixed one billion PollenCoin supply will be initially allocated as follows.
500 million - Pollen Foundation Incentive Bank: Earmarked for Incentive Payments, as further described in Foundation Banks.
200 million - Sponsor Pool: Subject to a three-year vesting / lockup schedule with a one year cliff (i.e., 1/3rd will vest on the one year anniversary of granting, with 1/12 of the initial balance vesting quarterly thereafter).
150 million - Investor Pool: Earmarked for outside investment in the network and subject to the same vesting / lockup schedule as the Sponsor Pool.
150 million - Ecosystem Fund: Earmarked for payment to teams / partners providing critical services to the network (e.g., software development, hardware development or marketing). May be subject to vesting schedules that differ from the Sponsor and Investor Pools.

Foundation Banks

Within the Foundation there will be three banks maintained on the Solana blockchain:
Incentive Bank: The initial deposit of 500 million PCN that will be used for Incentive Payments to reward community members for deploying Flowers / providing coverage, validating coverage utilizing Bumblebees, and connecting to the network (Hummingbirds).
Network Maintenance Bank: Beginning in Phase II, 10% of PCN spent purchasing Data Credits will be deposited here. PCN deposited in the Network Maintenance Bank will be used on an ongoing basis to compensate Flower owners for providing coverage, Bumblebee owners for verifying coverage, and Hummingbird owners for utilizing the network.
Data Payments Bank: Beginning in Phase II, 80% of PCN spent purchasing Data Credits will be deposited here - balances are used to compensate Flower owners for hauling network data traffic.